Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Cotton for pillow case

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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Blazer, Jacket, suit Pure, Zara, Spade

For Sale 

Jacket Labuh jenama Spade
Saiz 6
Warna Hitam
RM130 RM110 termasuk postage

Jacket Pure Berjalur Saiz S 
Warna Hitam

Seluar Pure berjalur hitam
Saiz M
Jacket + Seluar
RM150 RM100 Termasuk Postage

 Jacket Jenama Zara
Saiz : XS
warna kelabu Berjalur

Seluar Zara Berjalur
Saiz eur 36, usa 04
Jacket + Seluar Zara RM 230 termasuk postage

Baju dan seluar dalam keadaan baik, well maintain dry clean,
sila email ke:

Winter Jacket and White Long Blouse with Beads

For sale

Light Blue winter Jacket
Size : XL
RM 160 termasuk postage

Blouse Putih Paras Lutut dengan Beads
Saiz : S to M
RM55 Termasuk postage

Sebarang pertanyaan sila email ke:

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Skirt from Chiffon with Lining

Designed with the young and fashionable in mind, each piece is carefully created for the women of today. Special handmade for beautiful you, fully lined and gartered at waist.

• Chiffon material, fully lined
• Gartered at waist
• Colour – black, red and beige leapord design
• One Size

Measurements when laid flat:

Length: 98cm
Waist: 33-39cm
Hips: 55cm
Fits UK size: 10-14
RM35 with postage

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Preloved Blazer for sale

Brand: Seed
Size: 6
RM40 (inclusive postage)

Never wear, still in good condition.
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